To support the CZ / SK community, as well as foreign teams in this old game, we are able to provide a server for Cod2 or our own room on the Teamspeak3 / Discord server.

Conditions for creating a server for your team:

- The server must be under a password
- The server must contain after the name | cod2servers.eu or another advertisement (banner, etc.)

What we offer?

- Cracked server
- Cod2 server in version 1.3 / 1.0
- On the server PAM mod (ideal choice for cg, pcw, etc.) // To choose between versions 2.07 and 3.22
- Full rcon
- Teamspeak3 / Discord room

If you are interested in your own server, do not hesitate to contact us HERE on the forum or discord and we will agree :).

  • Discord

  • Discord